Moving Through Space


Hell Too, being an industrial corporation, requires the frequent transportation of large items, or large quantities of materials for the corporation. As such, members have access to a large in-house logistical capability, ranging from standard Tech 1 Transportation ships up to Jump Freighters and the skills and experience to match. Due to the numerous hauling trips, Hell Too frequently assists other capsuleers, corporations and alliances with courier contracts and general logistical assistance.

Factional Warfare

Since joining the Gallente militia forces, the Hell Too logistics division has increased it's scope and experience dramatically, having to assist with providing ships and supplies in the fierce war of attrition, whilst avoiding the every present dangers that can await on the other side of every gate...


Having frequent requirements for hauling means that Hell Too has a constant stream of courier contracts that require fulfillment and, as such, interested Hell Too members have received training and mentoring by the experienced logistics pilots within the ranks. These pilots are taught the safe practices involved with successfully hauling through High, Low and Null Security space. With frequent trips required to distribute the manufactured goods and materials that are required, there is ample practice opportunities available for budding new space truckers.