Building for expansion


Since its inception, Hell Too mining fleet operations have been conducted throughout High and Low Security Empire space, Null Security space, and within the dangerous and unknown depths of Wormholes. Most fleets, depending on the solar system they are being conducted in, have a full compliment of support including: - Specialised ships that increase mining yield and survivability - Logistics ships to haul the ore to suitable locations for compression or reprocessing - Overwatch ships helping to scout and defend the fleets from any hostiles, be that caspuleers or other pirates

Moon Mining

Upwell Consortium's recently released Athanor class refinery structures have given Hell Too access to a larger range of raw materials with which to work, decreasing dependancy on other sources and improving our capability to grow internally. Hell Too's moon mining activities utilise the same fleet support as the more conventional mining operations, but have the added benefit of providing individual pilots a higher return on activity from their first few days entering in to the immortal ranks of a capsuleer.

Planetary Production

Planetary Production, a large source of Inter Stellar Kredits for members, is used to compliment the research and manufacturing activities for the corporation. Hell Too has had years of experience in setting up and running Planetary Production colonies on planets across the cluster and has used this expertise to create an introductory training program for other capsuleers, including: - Skillbooks and training plans - Supply of specialised ships and fittings - Supply of any required Command Centers - Planetary Commodity trading All other support and logistics required to adequately to run a Planetary Colony for personal manufacturing, or to support the manufacturing of others, is also provided.


One of the original driving motivations of Hell Too was to research and develop the corporation blueprint library for a wide range of items, to allow capsuleers to manufacture with as much efficiency as possible. Fully researched blueprints can reduce the input materials required for a particular manufacturing process by up to 10% and reduce the time required to complete the process by up to 20%. As Hell Too continues to grow, so does the corporate library of fully researched blueprints (now numbering over 600), which are available for all members to use. The blueprint library is one of the central focal points that allows the corporation to grow efficiently through the use of internal resources, rather than with reliance on other corporations.


As an industrial corporation, manufacturing is one of the backbones for growth, profit and enjoyment for Hell Too members. Combining the availability of minerals, Planetary Commodities and other resources with our extensive blueprint library, we are able to produce all goods required and, with some members keeping a close eye on the markets, are able to meet the demands of New Eden's constantly shifting marketplace. Having access to manufacturing services and all the resources required, allows Hell Too to continue to grow via internal means and gives the corporation every expanding means by which to join in with any and all activities that members care to try within this universe.