Welcome to: Hell Too!

Factional Warfare Industry

In The Beginning...

In YC118, a few pilots, upon being cleared to fly a capsule-fitted vessel around the same time, set out to explore New Eden with their new-found immortality. With so much on offer, they decided to pool resources and create a new corporation, starting with the career from their past lifes: Industry. The Corporation's focus was to collect and research blueprints in order to improve efficiency of manufacturing, in the hope of quickly closing the gap with other more established corporations and industry moguls.

Early Development

As the newly established corporation grew, Hell Too members started to increase their capability to include Planetary Production spread across dozens of planets throughout the cluster. These production lines reduced the need for outside assistance for more complex manufacturing processes.

Internal Growth

To supplement the frequently long and drawn out process of blueprint research, the members took to harvesting their own minerals with the aim of building up enough resources to kick start the industrial endeavours. Mining fleets were started and time spent skilling in to the various Outer Ring Excavations specialised mining vessels. As the stockpiles grew, the Hell Too industrialists started looking ahead.


With a growing memberbase, and after a particularly bloody war that saw pilots forcibly removed from the systems that they deemed home, the corporation sought new adventures and experience and found just that in Factional Warfare. This new avenue for expansion was an excellent fit with the industrial might of the corporation, as many of the rewards for assistance in the war comes in the form of industry supplies.

The Future of Hell Too

Having grown from a few new and inexperienced capsuleers in harsh and dangerous New Eden, Hell Too continues to strive towards evermore far-reaching goals, expanding from it's industrial origins in to other activities of the universe. All whilst maintaining the corporate ideals of internal growth (researching, harvesting and manufacturing) and creating a close-knit community of self-sustaining pilots that continue to surpass the expectations of others.